100+ Stunning Windows 10 wallpaper for PC

Why change your Windows 10 wallpaper? With the upgraded video cards required to run 10 you can now have very high quality wallpapers. This combined with the huge amount of 10 wallpapers available in the web, it’s no wonder that so many people want to have a change in desktop wallpaper scenery. Windows 10 has a lock screen wallpaper mode called Windows Spotlight that pulls attractive, high resolution wallpaper from the web on a daily basis. In most instances, you’ll only see these when you log on, or lock your PC.

Windows Wallpaper to set


If you see an image that you’d like to use as Window wallpaper, you can’t simply right-click and save it, but there is a way to easily use Windows Spotlight wallpaper as your desktop wallpaper background wallpaper.








Windows Spotlight


Firstly, if you aren’t currently using Window Spotlight, right-click the desktop wallpaper and select Personalize. Click on ‘Lock screen wallpaper’, and change the background wallpaper setting to ‘Windows Spotlight’. It will update the current image automatically.

Windows lock Screen Wallpaper

Next, you’ll need the tiny Spotlight for Windows desktop wallpaper app. This adds the Windows Spotlight wallpapers to your desktop wallpaper, but also adds Spotlight to the lock screen wallpaper on older versions of Window (windows 10, 8, and 8.1).



Enable Windows Wallpaper


Be sure to untick the box that says ‘Donate CPU to fund development’ during installation. Once installed, run the app and make sure ‘Enable Window Spotlight wallpapers’ is checked to activate the feature.

Windows Wallpaper button

The wallpaper will change to a new picture any time you press this button. Flicking through the wallpaper can be very interesting and alert!


Automatically Windows wallpaper


The app will automatically change the image at random every few hours or so. Window 10 includes a nice selection of default wallpapers, but it’s easy to lose track of them if you decide to use custom wallpaper.

Background Wallpaper Installation

Here’s the problem: in new installations of Windows, the wallpaper selection in Settings > Personalization > background wallpaper points to the default wallpaper files. At that point, you can easily change between them by using the Browse feature.



Own Wallpaper


But, if you decide to use a series of your own wallpapers stored in a custom location and you come back later to change the wallpaper, the defaults will have been pushed out of the five most recent wallpaper shown as thumbnails in Settings.

Microsoft Wallpaper

Since its release in October 2019, Micaloft did not much speak about windows 10 X, but new information about the modular Microsoft Operating System has been uncovered by speculation and leaks.



Windows X Wallpaper


A study recently disclosed that Window 10 X could come with a dynamic wallpaper feature like Apple’s macOS. By example , Windows 10 X has a wallpaper for mountain views, which can change with various variables such as time and place.

Windows 10 X Mountain

In the morning, midday, dark, and midnight Windows 10 X mountaineering view wallpaper has different looks. Microsoft aims to have a seamless transition, because whether you travel from Europe or from another region of the world to the United States, the wallpaper will change on the basis of the local time of the user.


Multiple dynamic Wallpaper


We’re hearing that Microsoft is planning to offer multiple dynamic wallpapers. For example, the dynamic wallpapers will be ranging from urban scenes to natural landscapes.

Highest Windows 10 Images

Based on the hardware on the computer, the maximum degree of detail is provided by Window 10 X’s customizable wallpaper. It may also use the Microsoft Store to test dynamic wallpaper third party support for Windows 10 X.


Natural Wallpaper

Dynamic clouds, planets and even birds surface from time to time in natural wallpapers. Customizing the interactive wallpaper will be a good addition.

Set also Apple wallpaper

Apple’s macOS also offers dynamic wallpaper support and Mac owners can choose a desert landscape that changes throughout the day. All those Window 10 X users might get dynamic wallpaper later this year, but you can do it on your Windows 10 device right now.



Download latest Desktop Wallpaper

With ‘WinDynamicdesktop wallpaper’ Microsoft Store app, you can automatically change your desktop wallpaper background wallpaper according to the time of day. It uses your location to determine the times of sunrise and sunset, and desktop wallpaper  change is based on the time of day.

Wallpaper Theme

You need to pick a theme, enter your place, and each your device tray ‘s application, and the wallpaper in the background wallpaper is automatically updated. You can also import and build your own unique topics. It is even different than the usual macOS wallpaper handling.


Tips to Wallpaper Wallpaper

o you can also use a picture you like that you saw in a web site or one in your pictures folder. To do this, (a) right click on the web site picture or your picture; (b) select “set as background wallpaper”, and then 10 will execute.

Multiple format

o a tip you’ll appreciate: background wallpaper or wallpaper files are usually stored as BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, DIB or PNB files. So any photo or picture on cyberspace or on anyone’s digital camera can be used as a background wallpaper.



Windows 10 picture

o when you bought your computer, the positioning of your Window 10 wallpaper (or picture) was given a default position. You can override this by simply checking the appropriate box where it asks you

To position your wallpaper, you have three choices:

  1. stretched – this means that the entire desktop wallpaper will be covered
  1. tiled – your wallpaper or picture will be in mosaic form (as in tiles)
  1. centered – the Window 10 wallpaper (or picture) will occupy only the center of your desktop wallpaper.



Fun Windows 10 Wallpaper

Remember to have fun changing your 10 wallpaper because it really makes the day a little more enjoyable when you can look at a picture that you like rather then the one that Microsoft thinks you’ll like.

Loving Windows 10

Why are so many people loving Window 10? One of the main reasons is the incredible themes that are available for your desktop wallpaper. Everything from the wallpaper, icons and toolbars can now be customized. Let’s take a look at how to change a theme.



Few Things Worth Noting

o Don’t confuse Windows 10 themes with the pre-built themes in Word 2007, Power Point 2007 and Excel 2007. Each of these programs has its own themes bundle.

Find desktop wallpaper

o You can find many themes for your desktop wallpaper by typing in “Windows 10 themes” in any search engine. Most of the themes are free.



Expert Wallpaper

According to Andy Rathbone, noted Windows expert, you can use a third party program like WindowBlinds and can download any theme they have at a very modest fee. What’s even better is some of these themes are free.

Personal Desktop Wallpaper

Hope this helps people get started on their way to creating their own personal desktop wallpaper. windows 10 themes are some of the most striking themes.

Versions of Windows Wallpaper

How to get it worked on other versions of operating system? Scroll down to get the tweaks which would allow you to give a windows 10 appearance to your Windows 10 and Windows XP enabled computers.

Releasing wallpaper

To get ready, many people are busy creating windows 10 wallpaper. With early reports claiming that windows 10 will have a similar look and feel to 10, it is easy to predict that the desktop wallpaper will play a major role in this new Windows environment. This is why so many people are already looking for Windows7 desktop wallpaper, to personalize their PC’s.

Beautiful Windows Wallpaper

windows 10 is expected to have a clean beautiful desktop wallpaper that helps minimize the desktop wallpaper clutter that many earlier versions of Windows fell prey to. The new window 10 wallpapers have beautiful, clean, crisp wallpaper that you will be happy to run on your machine. Whether you yearn for peaceful landscapes, graceful wildlife or inspiring backdrops, Window 7 wallpaper should fit the bill nicely. Many of the Windows 7 wallpaper selections that are already out there are based on beautiful compelling photography. Setting any of these window 10 wallpapers as your backdrop is like having priceless artwork to look at anytime you are at your computer.

High Resolution  Wallpaper

windows 10 boasts many new features, such as the ability to operate as a touch based system with the right hardware. windows 10 latest wallpaper options should meld well with that concept.

Ultra HD Wallpaper

windows 10 wallpaper should be beautiful to look at but not obtrusive, so that it will be easy to navigate to whatever you need. window 10 wallpapers are already available, so why not start checking them out and figuring out what you want your PC to look like? Though the waiting may not be over, there is not too much longer before windows 10 will be here, and you want to be ready.

World Wallpaper

If you are half excited as the rest of the world about the release of window 10, then you should start shopping for windows 10 wallpaper today. There are already tons of choices available and more and more windows 10 wallpapers are appearing on the internet every day. The last thing that you want is for the new Window to get here and your computer’s desktop wallpaper to be “naked.” Find it something stylish to wear!

Registry Background Wallpaper

Windows background wallpaper registry settings enables users not just to change the wallpaper itself but users can also choose to restrict or allow the change of wallpapers. Such a feature may be applicable for companies who do not want their employees or public users to modify the wallpaper of their desktop wallpaper PCs or laptops.

Change Wallpaper

On the other hand, if you find that you are not able to change the wallpaper of your personal computer, you may want to look at the registry settings to see if the change of wallpaper has been restricted and thus undo it. Let’s look at how to modify Window background wallpaper registry settings.

Windows users to download

If you have been a Window user for the past decade then you have noticed what an incredible change Microsoft has done in regards to the appearance of its operating systems.

Appearance in windowns 10

However, we have seen the biggest change as far as appearance goes when Microsoft went from XP to 10. This operating system can be said to be the true pioneer of what is now a standard in regards to the look and feel of the Windows operating system.

Good Wallpaper

I know that at this point you may be wondering well, all that is nice to know but how exactly changing my wallpaper could possibly increase my productivity? That’s a very good question; let’s start by explaining what factors can improve a person’s productivity.

Motivation Wallpaper

Staring at a white background wallpaper can create a sense of anxiety which in term makes people become less productive.

Variety of Windown Wallpaper

Change your wallpaper not only provides a sense of variety but it also changes your state of mind because now the first thing that you see when you get your computer or workstation is a wonderful picture of a place you would like to visit one day or something you would like to accomplish and for many people that small change can really turn things around.

Use of colors wallpaper

This is something that many people overlook when they decide to set their wallpaper, as we have previously said setting a white background wallpaper can create a sense of anxiety. Using a red background wallpaper can make people feel and become hyperactive which is not a very good thing when you are a programmer who has to pay attention to little details.

Colors of Images

The best color to use in order to increase your productivity is blue, blue wallpapers offer a sense of calm and it’s been proven that people who work with in a room that uses different shades of blue can become more productive when they are compared to someone who completely overlooks the importance of colors.

Windows 8 Wallpaper

windows 8 as well as the upcoming Window 10, and a variety of wallpapers that use different types of gradients which are just perfect to improve a person’s productivity because they do not distract you from your work by showing an extremely attractive shape but rather create a sense of calm which increases people’s productivity in the workplace.

Common Wallpaper

The pictures used as desktop wallpapers are stored as window caches and the original picture file is stored in the default location. All the desktop wallpaper files are located in a common file path, which makes it easy to locate the files. When you need to retrieve the most prized landscape desktop wallpaper that was accidentally deleted or simply lost the original picture file on your computer, you can still have hopes to salvage the wallpaper from its default location.

Alternative Wallpaper

Another alternative way to locate the desktop wallpaper image file is to browse through the folders in order to locate the file, but to do this the settings have to be changed. After selecting the tools options you can browse to the folder options and view where you have to select the tick box to show the hidden files and folders. This can help you locate the desktop wallpaper file easily.

Animated Windows Wallpaper

An animated desktop wallpaper background wallpaper adds a bit of excitement to your computer screen wallpaper. Different from regular background wallpapers, animated background wallpapers have moving objects in them, just like your screensaver wallpaper. Sometimes, the wallpaper may also contain text transformations and other special effects. To get the most of animated wallpaper on your desktop wallpaper, here are some tips you can do.

1. Download from trustworthy source of Wallpaper

If you don’t have animated desktop wallpapers stored in your computer, you can download them from the Internet. A lot of websites may offer you fancy animated background wallpapers, but you should only download them from trustworthy websites. This is important to prevent you from accidentally downloading a virus, spyware, worm, Trojan horse or other dangerous malware that may be included with the wallpaper.

2. Make sure your computer has the system requirements and resolution needed

Typically, when you download desktop wallpaper you will see that the website indicates the background wallpaper’s minimum system requirements and resolution. Observing these minimum requirements is important so that the wallpaper won’t burden your computer beyond its capability. Additionally, the wallpaper’s resolution should also match your computer’s screen resolution wallpaper.

Wallpaper Resolution

Wallpapers with resolution that is too low will create fuzzy wallpaper that are too small and skewed out proportion. To check your screen resolution wallpaper on windows 10, right click on the desktop wallpaper and choose the > Screen resolution option from the menu and observe the number next to > Resolution.

3. Get rid of your desktop clutter Wallpaper

Now that you have downloaded and installed the animated wallpaper on your desktop wallpaper, there are some final things to do. If your screen wallpaper is cluttered with program shortcuts, recycle bins, and taskbars, beautifully animated wallpaper will not look as exciting. In order to improve the view, you need to fix up your screen wallpaper a little bit more:

Shortcut Wallpaper

– To remove the shortcuts, you can manually delete them or right click on your desktop wallpaper, select > View, and uncheck the > Show desktop wallpaper Icons option.

Removing Wallpaper

– If you choose the first method for removing the shortcuts, you will be left with only the recycle bin icon. Hide the recycle bin in your windows 10 by accessing > Start and type ‘gpedit.msc’ into the search box and press > Enter.

Laptop Wallpaper

If you have a desktop wallpaper computer or a laptop then it is a very good option for you to download free wallpapers.  Whatever purpose you are using your system for; having free computer wallpapers will not be amiss. In fact having them would be very nice for you.

Free Wallpaper

By going for free wallpapers, you could spice up your desk area. After all, any time you boot out your computer (and at other times when you reduce your job window) you can see your screen wallpaper wallpapers. Imagine staring day after day at the same place. The free wallpapers are completely special and a lot closer to the eyes than the icons on the regular wallpaper in Windows.

Personalizing Wallpaper

And if having a beautiful free wallpaper to look at is not reason enough, think about personalizing your computer. Free wallpapers are a great way to personalize your desktop wallpaper. The wallpaper you set will be your choice, marking the desktop wallpaper and the login environment as your very own. It will also speak a lot about your tastes, your characteristics etc. Just like you use pictures and posters to personalize your room, you could use wallpapers to personalize your desktop wallpaper and give it a character definition.

Great Windows Wallpaper

Free wallpapers are also a perfect way to stay at work. Free funny wallpapers will make you laugh every time your window is minimized. Or you could have free wallpapers showing scenes, such as waterfalls, sunsets and natural parks, in the middle of your work like a breath of fresh air.

Inspiring Wallpaper

As a token of your encouragement and also an inspirational Symbol may you use free popular wallpapers. Perhaps you could have puppies and kittens wallpapers that would be fun to look at in breaks. You may also get those cool free 3D wallpapers. Naturally, you can’t get from the internet without restricting cool, free wallpapers.

Downloading images

The only thing you have to take care of while downloading free wallpapers off the internet is to have a good antivirus in place. This would make sure that you don’t download any virus or harmful software when you download your wallpapers. Also it would do well to download the wallpapers from websites which have a good reputation. As long as you are sure of these, everyone who uses a computer can download wallpapers for free.

Pro Windows

Wallpapering is a nice way to get the wall done. Get a couple of main techniques and you can start painting your own wallpaper as a pro! You can choose from several different styles of wallpapers, but you have to look at a few items before you can do that.

Full HD

First, are you sure you want to use wallpaper on that particular wall hd? Other areas are open, such as a dressing room next to the bathroom or a kitchen that can not fit wallpapers. The explanations for this are obvious. Water, grease or excess moisture of some kind isn’t ideal for wallpaper and can eventually easily ruin it, leaving all the efforts pointless.

Choosing the right color and pattern Wallpaper

Of course, it is incredibly necessary to pick the correct color and pattern for your wallpaper. Which kind of mood or mood do you want your new wall to convey? There are various signals in colors. Most of us have learned that white looks bigger in the house-real.

Black Wallpaper

I’m not even sure that they manufacture black wallpaper as the seams would be too visible. And believe it or not, dirt and stains show up clearer on black than on other colors.

What you will need Wallpaper

Mankind is constantly developing new and faster ways to do things, and wallpapering is no exception. There are machines available that will cut and paste glue on to your wallpaper for you, and all you have to do is set it to do so.

Office Windows Wallpaper

The computer has become a necessity of life. We use it every day, in office and at home, and we cannot imagine our lives without it. When I wake up, the first thing I do after I brush my teeth is switch on my computer and read the mail. And I guess so do you.

Popular Wallpaper

Because we use computers so often, it would be boring, if they showed us the same screen wallpaper all the time. That’s why almost all operating systems allow changing the look of computer desktop wallpaper. For example, in Microsoft Windows, which is the most popular operating system in the world, you can change skins, color themes, and desktop wallpaper wallpapers.

Nice Wallpaper

desktop wallpaper wallpaper is an image, which is being showed as background wallpaper on Windows desktop wallpaper. Windows has many nice built-in background wallpaper images that you can use. If they are not enough for you, you can add your own wallpapers. But where can you get them from?


The easiest way of obtaining a wallpaper is to download it from the Internet. There are a lot of websites where you can download wallpapers for free. There is a wide choice of designs, screen resolutions and image formats. Even if you have non-standard screen resolution wallpaper, you will be able to find a suitable wallpaper without a problem.

Lock Screen

If you don’t like wallpapers made by others, you can make one yourself. It is easy. You don’t have to be a professional artist or designer to make a wallpaper. Everyone who has a digital camera can do this; just make a nice photo that you will be pleased to see and put it on your desktop wallpaper.

Wow Wallpaper

When you want to have wallpaper installed in your home, consider these things. Wallpaper has a longevity over paint. It will outlast paint 8 to 1. It gives your walls that “WOW” you cannot get with paint. Properly installed it will last a long time and can be removed easily when applied over a good primer/sealer.

Horror images

The horror stories I have seen when a contractor or home owner has installed wallpaper over a sub standard primer over my 27 years in the business have given this industry a undeserving bad name.

Old Wallpapers

If you are removing old wallpaper before installing new, use a good stripping solution that can be sprayed through a good 1 1/2 gal. pump up garden sprayer. First you will need to strip the face (the printed surface) off before the solution will penetrate the backing. Make sure to cover all electrical plates with duct tape to prevent any water coming in contact with them.

Print image

If the walls are painted, then you are ready to apply a good primer/sealer that will prepare the surface for the new wallpaper. I like two bands “Zinzer 1-2-3 and” Kilz Premium”. there are others on the market that work well and are recommended for wallpaper, but I have used these two for 27 years and have had good success with both.

Installing Images

Please note though: These will NOT work on a High shine or oil surface. For those walls you will need to use a product called “Gripper” Most knowledgeable Paint stores can help you with this. Prime the walls and let dry over night.


Installing wallpaper is not for everyone. It takes a special skill and lots of patience. That being said, I will try and share my knowledge over the last 27 years to give you the best advice that I can.

Picking Wallpaper

When picking out the wallpaper, there are several things to remember. Shinny finishes on wallpaper will tend to highlight any texture or imperfections on the walls that are to be covered. If you are dealing with a textured wall, try and pick a wallpaper that will disguise (hide) the texture. The other option would be to have a sheet rock contractor come in a smooth out the texture.


Some textures are less noticeable than others. Be aware that dark colored wallpapers will tend to show their seems slightly more that light colors. Large repeats in the pattern match will cause more waste and more wallpaper. Some wallpapers are pre-pasted and some are not. Wallpapers are sold in double rolls with widths ranging from 20 1/2″…27″ and 36.”


Your basic tools that you will need are: A plastic smoothing tool or a smoothing brush (I use the plastic), a sharp pair of scissors, a level, a measuring tape (at least 12′), single edge or snap off blades (Lots of these), a 6″ metal putty knife (for trimming along edges with your razor blade), some kind of table to paste and trim your wallpaper, a ladder (high enough to reach the ceiling without any danger of falling over, I use a 4′ ladder for 8′ and 9′ ceilings).


So, if I have not scared you off yet, let me try and explain how to install your new wallpaper. Always read the directions (I still do and learn something all the time, not to mention it saves my Butt if something goes wrong!)


I usually check the width of the wallpaper first and make small marks with a pencil (NO PENS) on the walls to see where the seams might land if I started in a certain area. After that, I will make adjustments back and forth to get the best seam placement that I can. Once this is done, I will make a cut list of the pieces I need. I would not recommend this to everyone. You might want to cut 3 sheets at a time, paste and install them before cutting anymore. I like to allow 3″-4″ over the exact measurement of the wall for my selvage edge trimming top and bottom.


I paste ALL my wallpaper. Pre-pasted is pasted with a thinned down version of the regular wallpaper paste that I use. This makes it much more movable on the wall and gives it an extra grip. Paste 2 -3 sheets, fold the sheets paste to paste so they will not dry out and let them sit 3-5 minutes. This gives them time to relax and expand


(yes wallpaper is made from wood and when wood gets wet, it expands). Take the first sheet and apply it to the line on the wall that you made (while waiting for the wallpaper to relax). Carefully align it next to the pencil mark, starting at the top, leaving about 2 inches wrapped onto the crown or ceiling wallpaper.


Continue to align the edge to the pencil mark down the wall. Use your smoothing tool to smooth out the wallpaper and the bubbles. That care not to treat the wallpaper to aggressive or it will tear. Use your 6′ putty knife to hold wallpaper down as you use a razor blade to trim top and bottom. use 1 blade per cut! Take care to wash the wallpaper with a soft sponge and towel dry.


Congratulation, You just hung your first piece of wallpaper. Continue with the next piece and align it up to the one on the wall, making sure that the pattern matches. Smooth, trim, wash and towel dry. Please note that small bubbles under the wallpaper are common and will disappear when wallpaper is completely dry ( about 2 days).


When working around windows and doors, take care not to tear the wallpaper at the corners. I use my scissors to make a relief cut, coming towards the corner of the door or window with my scissors and stopping right on or a little short of the corner. This will allow you to work the sheet around the corner without tearing it.

High defination

Remember to keep your work table clean of glue. Have several sponges handy to wash the table, your tools, hands and the finished wallpaper. Any glue left on the wallpaper could damage the finished surface over time (several months might go by and then the print starts to flake off the front) Also make sure to clean the ceiling, crown, baseboards, cabinets with clean water and towel dry.

Microsoft has done a beautiful job with the graphics.

There is a wide range of wall paper to choose from, all of it classier than the wallpaper included in previous Microsoft operating systems. There is more to the new windows 10 desktop wallpaper than just new graphics.


The wallpaper can be a slide show. The background wallpaper can change automatically, on a periodic basis. You can set the wallpaper to cycle through a collection of photos, with the wallpaper changing anywhere from every 10 seconds to once per day, with many choices in between.

Red Images

A related feature is even more novel, providing endless opportunities for entertainment and practical use. The wallpaper can be supplied on a continuous basis from an RSS feed. At present, this is more or less a hidden feature. The beta version at least does not make this possible directly from the control panel.


Wallpapers are the background wallpapers for your computer screen wallpaper. They are easily available on the Internet. Instead of keeping a plain background wallpaper on the computer screen wallpaper, one can download many types of free wallpaper.

Free images

It’s very easy to use free wallpaper. Everything you have to do is pick the free wallpaper on your computer that you want to use. Tap on the button for your wallpaper for view resolution. A new tab will open on the screen after that. This window displays the wallpaper you have selected. Then click on the free wallpaper and right click and pick “Load as wallpaper.” However, it takes some time to download the free wallpaper, particularly when you are linked at a low speed.


There are many sites offering free wallpaper. Sometimes the wallpapers may be divided into different categories on the site. They may be site-exclusive wallpapers, which are made by the staff of the site, fan-submitted wallpapers, which are wallpapers submitted by fans of the website, and theme-based wallpapers. These are wallpapers that follow a particular theme in their pictures.


The free hunting wallpapers of duck hunting, elk hunting and more are some of the theme wallpapers available. Instead you can have the wallpaper free Yellowstone National Park, which obviously features historical, historical and wildlife-finding wallpapers in Yellowstone National Park. Various buses and wallpapers for cars, jeeps, bicycles and other off-road vehicles are also available for automobiles.


There are also some websites that offer free wallpapers for webmasters to offer to their web visitors. All that has to be done is for the webmaster to cut and paste the button below the wallpaper into the webmaster’s web page. This acts as an added attraction to the visitors of that website.

Personalizing your desktop Photo

This is a perfect way to make your PC look like own to personalize your screen wallpaper. To build a photo frame for your screen, you can add wallpaper by your friends or relatives or interests. Thankfully, websites and applications are fantastic, and offer an almost infinite selection of beautiful wallpapers. Our highlights are here.

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