What is wallpaper in computer

The wallpaper is a visual theme that is set on a computer. These are usually displayed on retail systems, and they can be selected as the background of your computer. These are different from the screen savers, which show an animation on the desktop when you are not using the device. This article discusses the differences between wallpaper and screen savers. This article will also discuss what is wallpaper and how you can change it.

What is wallpaper in computer? You’ve probably wondered about this as well. Traditionally, wallpapers were simply pictures that were displayed when the computer was idle. However, today, you can change these images, and choose any one you like. Desktops and screen savers are two different things. The first is the image you see when you first turn on your computer, while the latter is the picture that appears on your screen while you’re using it.

What is wallpaper in a computer? A wallpaper is a background image that resides on your computer’s screen. It helps you identify the desktop icons more easily. It is different from your computer’s screen saver, which is an animation that displays on your computer’s screen when you are not using it. This is where you put your desktop saver. This is not the same thing as a wallpaper. A wallpaper is just an image you use as a background for your display.


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