Bring a Colorful Live Weather Wallpaper to Your Phone

Weather background for your smartphone is among the very best live wallpaper to get for either Android or iOS operating systems. Good weather wallpaper is a great way to bring some life to your phone as it makes it more vibrant and colorful and also has some soothing effects as well. Most people have some sort of natural environment wallpaper on their phones and this would be an excellent choice for you to pick out. It’s not like most other live wallpapers that offer boring images or normal images of nature with no life at all in them.

Weather background for your smartphone offers some amazing images that come in real time and are taken from some of the best real weather stations around the world. These pictures are usually taken by satellites and then uploaded onto the Internet for you to enjoy live. With the use of Google satellite and Google Earth, you can find these websites easily and get access to these beautiful live weather apps. When you pick out a background for your Android handset, make sure you go for one that is of high quality. A good background should provide you with a sense of calmness and relaxation while you are using your phone and a high definition wallpaper would definitely do that.

You can also go for some themed ones that will give you a feel of being in a certain region of the world or simply having a vacation in the particular location. If you are a huge sports fan, you will definitely love the sports themed weather app. It comes with some of the most popular sport images such as golf, soccer, basketball and many others. There are also real time satellite maps that come along with the real weather apps and they make it even more interesting to use weather background for your smartphone.

Bring a Colorful Live Wallpaper to Your Phone

Google launched the weather wallpaper app for Android to introduce a new user experience and give a better use of Android devices in every aspect. With the use of this unique app, one can change the look of his device with different backgrounds and moods. Today, many designers have created thousands of unique themes based on the real world. These images are used to create unique wallpapers which are installed on many different devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. One can choose this designing to set the mood of their device to suit the time of the day or the season.

If you are looking for unique and excellent wallpapers that will not displace your current wallpaper, you can download the free “weather wallpapers” app from Google play. This free android app instantly fills your device with beautiful, exotic, colorful weather effects without even dismantling the existing wallpaper you have on your device. The excellent weather effects delivered by this app don’t merely replace the current wallpaper; instead, they add to the entire visual effects to make you feel all the rain, the snow, or the sunny rays pouring down on your phone screen. The best part about the weather app is that it offers an assortment of images from all over the world, including scenes from Dubai, Paris, Seattle, New York City, Los Angeles, and many more. With this amazing free android app, you can bring a little piece of the world into your own device.

If you want to experience the real sense of these exotic weather effects with your Android device, you can download the “weather channel” wallpaper from Google play and set your device to this designing mode. You can see the live weather reports every five minutes on the exact location where you are currently located. The amazing live wallpaper also features beautiful shots from some of the most popular TV shows in the world such as Britain’s Got Talent, America’s Next Top Model, The Mentalist, CSI, The Bachelor, and countless others. If you want to bring some color to your live wallpaper, try downloading this fantastic app.


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