Digital wallpaper Ideas – wallpaper Tweet by Kanye West

If you love Kanye West, you’ve probably seen this background Tweet on your phone. It’s a picture of the rapper holding up your notifications and has been re-tweeted almost 150,000 times. The artist says that the’sad but true’ photos were a reaction to fans asking for a similar version on their phones. So, why is this Twitter wall wallpaper so popular? Here’s how to get it.

Digital wallpaper Ideas – Wallpaper Tweet Life

In a Twitter first, the wallpaper Tweet Life feature was introduced during the Frieze Art Fair. Hundreds of followers of the artist gathered at a studio in London’s East End where Chris Floyd took photographs of them. The photographer had previously documented the lives of all his Twitter connections. From these 140 black and white photos, the new wallpaper feature consists of a visually edited representation of the 500,000 people who have chosen to be a part of the project.


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