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Wallpaper Magazine, stylized as Wallpaper+ is a glossy magazine focusing mainly on architecture and style, travel, culture, art, and lifestyle. The magazine launched in London in 1995 by Canadian designer Tyler Brûle and British architect/set designer Alexander Geringer. It was initially sold only in Canada but was later purchased by Future plc in Austria later on. Subsequently, it moved to USA under the name “Style” magazine.

You may think that the background magazine is just about wallpaper alone; but, the truth is, they have a lot more to offer than just plain old wallpapers. When looking for the Best background ideas, it is important to remember that you get what you pay for. While there are many excellent websites on the internet that have hundreds of different wallpaper ideas to choose from, the quality varies greatly.

wallpaper magazine, styled as Wallpaper* magazine, is a popular magazine focusing on architecture and design, travel, fine art, culture, and fashion. The magazine originally launched in London in 1996 by Canadian designer Alexander Geringer and Austrian designer Tyler Brûle. It was later purchased by Future plc following its acquisition of TI Media. The background* roster includes many well-known and popular British celebrities.

wallpaper Magazine is an international quarterly magazine dedicated to wallpapers. wallpaper, styled magazine is a weekly publication focusing on interior design, architecture, style, travel, technology, and leisure. The first issue of picture was released in August 1996 by Canadian designer Tyler Brûle and German designer/activist Alexander Geringer. It was later purchased by Future plc following its acquisition of TI Media. Since its inception, the background has been peerless in terms of quality and variety of articles related to wallpapers and in every issue there are new and innovative techniques that are being applied by artists.

wallpaper Magazine, stylized as Wallpaper+ is a quarterly magazine covering architecture, design, travel, interior, culture, and style. The first issue of the magazine was released in London in 1996 by Canadian author Tyler Brûle and British photographer Alexander Geringer. It was later purchased by Future plc following its acquisition of TI Media, an Italian magazine focusing on the concept of architectural design. The brand combines a sharp sense of design with a broad range of information and entertainment. Issues of picture+ are designed by renowned designers such as Christopher Kane, Zaha Hadid, Le Corbusier, Peter Eisenman, Frank Gehry, and Coop Himmelb (photo exhibitions) and contain full color reviews and rare collector’s items. The journal is out to be a consumer’s paradise, offering readers interesting articles, a wealth of design profiles, insider information and much more.

Wallpaper Magazine is an internationally popular and renowned quarterly magazine dedicated to the decorative arts. It is published by Covercraft, a company that has been in the printing and copy-selling industry for more than fifty years. Although not formally established as a magazine until 1996, the publication quickly became a popular choice among all genres of print. The mainstay of picture Magazine is its Wallpaper+ column, which feature the Best backgrounds of the year. In this section, the editors evaluate the designs, themes, colors, and styles of different wallpapers and recommend the most interesting, beautiful, and useful wallpaper ideas for the coming year. The various sections of the magazine also include the popular yearly wallpaper competitions that pit amateur designers against professional ones to see who can come up with the most original and inspiring wallpaper ideas.

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