splatoon wallpaper design ideas

One of the top wallpaper ideas this year is a watercolor painting by award winning artist, Tom McLaughlin entitled Splatoon. Splatoon is a recreation of his home city of Portland, Oregon and takes the viewer on a journey through the beautiful waterfalls and natural landscapes of this natural paradise. To cap off this splendid voyage, a grand river scene is also included as the background for the final part of the work. This Splatoon wallpaper is sure to become a favorite for years to come.

Splatoon wallpaper is the latest and greatest high-tech wallpaper idea to hit the internet. Every little purchase you make contributes towards a designer’s pocketbook. This game, also known as the Wii, is an awesome choice for anyone looking for a new kind of gaming experience that doesn’t require hours of boredom, but relies on their own skills and attention to detail. Here are some top platoon wallpaper ideas to give your Wii a little flair:

Splatoon is a new take on the age-old favorite of many a college student. With only five colors (red, blue, yellow, green, and orange) and simple, clean lines, this designing is sure to be a hit with the younger set as well as the “geddy” crowd. Splatoon wallpaper is also perfect for chilly or hot beverages on those rainy days. Protect your coffee tables, add a little flair to your interior design, and stir conversations about your wonderful taste in spill protection with splatoon wallpaper. Non-slip rubber backs and brilliant, colorful mosaic prints will really make any mug, glass, or plate look awesome.

Splatoon wallpaper is one of the most exciting and well-conceptualized new themes in recent memory. Inspiring the idea of a game played on your computer screen, this 3D wallpaper is the brainchild of Nintendo and it’s artist Takashi Maru. In spite of its unique background, the splatter image was never officially dubbed as such. A clever example of an inspiration behind the idea: the works of abstract artist Jasper Johns.

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