Snowing Live Background for iPhone – A Snowy Winter Wonderland

A snowing live background for iPhone is the perfect gift for anyone who loves the beauty of the winter season. It will make your phone look beautiful in winter. If you haven’t used it before, you should download it now! This amazing application is a private snow machine sent straight from heaven. It will make your iPhone look like it is surrounded by a white blanket of snow. This app will allow you to change the wallpaper and change it whenever you want.


If you have a smartphone, a snowing live background for iPhone can turn your device into a beautiful winter wonderland. Featuring a variety of awesome snowfall pictures and sounds, this background is perfect for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. These free wallpapers can be set as a screensaver, background music, or sound effect. The swooshing falling snowflakes will add a touch of wonder to your smartphone.


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