Separate wallpapers for dual monitors

If you have two monitors, you can display separate wallpapers. To set the dual monitors, use the Windows personalization feature. To do this, click the system icon on the bottom right of your desktop. To see your screens’ wallpapers, right-click the image. When you’re done, choose a new wallpaper. If you want to use the same background for both screens, choose a different picture for each.

If you have two separate monitors and want to keep them as identical as possible, setting separate wallpapers on each is a great solution. You can also use the same image for both screens, or you can choose different images and set them on each screen. To set the wallpapers on your dual monitors, you need to right-click on the image and choose “Set as Desktop Background.” Then, select the option that suits your needs and choose a resolution that will fit on both screens.


If you’ve ever wanted to set separate wallpapers for your dual monitors, Windows 10 has a solution for you. Its new feature allows you to choose wallpapers of the same resolution on both screens. Just right-click an image to display the right-hand side menu. To set up your dual monitors with separate backgrounds, simply follow the steps below. To set up the different monitors with separate wallpapers, you need to make sure that they are set to the same resolution.

How to Set Separate Wallpapers For Dual Monitors


To set separate wallpapers on your dual monitors, navigate to your settings in Windows 10. Select the desktop option and then personalize desktop background. This option gives you a choice of images in different resolutions and aspect ratios. You can select the image you want to use by right-clicking on it and choosing a new menu. You can also filter the images by popularity and date. You should choose images that are similar in size and resolution.


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