A Schumacher Celery Theme Can Be a Master Picture design For Your Room

The Schumacher Celery Theme is a five-part series of wallpaper images that bring the classic story of the Gooseberry Garden to life in beautiful, vintage-looking Picture designs. The five parts are part one: The Garden, which showcases the cheerful, sweet character and delightful garden setting; part two: The Mystery, which focuses on the story behind the missing pig; part three: The Village, which takes place in the center of the original Gooseberry Garden set (in a modern urban environment); and part four: The City, which takes place on the outside of a modern town. Part one of the design is a great deal of fun for children, who will enjoy reliving the story while using their favorite characters. Part two offers educational benefits, as the children will learn about the characteristics of real gooseberries and about vegetables in general.


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