Most recognized decorative SCALAMANDRE wallpaper

SCALAMANDRE wallpaper is probably the most recognized decorative wallpaper brand on the planet today. They are created by hand-stitched watercolor artwork that is printed on premium grade non matte vinyl, available in nine standard colors. They’re great for every room in your home because they’re beautiful, unique, and incredibly detailed. Available in nine standard hues, you can choose from vibrant oranges and reds to pastels and greens, everything can be created by hand – the choices are endless.

The Scalamandre Wallpaper by Innovative wallpapers is a revolutionary new Picture design idea that has completely changed the way most people use and view their computer screens. The unique concept allows you to control the different aspects of your desktop wallpaper, and more importantly; display it in the exact same way as you would your most cherished photographs and art pieces. Due to its innovative textile print technology, the Scalamander wallpaper provides an unparalleled sense of style and originality, while delivering superior quality of resolution and color accuracy.

The salamander is a beautiful decorative wall paper that has a texture all of its own. One can use the Scalamander wallpaper in a number of different applications. It is interesting to note that in many cases, these same uses may be found in unrelated commercial products, such as the Rug wallpaper in the photo above, or even the Natural wallpaper in the above two photos. Some examples of this decorative wall paper are shown below, and names like Marbles, Red Rock, and Black Diamond are common names used to describe the texture. These products, which have similar characteristics are often blended together to produce a large variety of new textures and wallpapers for use in any number of applications, such as the Rug and the Natural wallpaper examples shown below.


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