Picture designs Inspired by Nature

Rebecca Atwood Speckled wallpaper, a brilliant new style of Picture designing for the home. Beautifully designed by artist @rebecca_atwood using soft and shimmering fabric. She began painting the motifs of arches, which became many other designs which can be seen in her various studios across the globe. These pieces are sold as separate prints and as part of wallpaper packages. If you love the look of sparkle and shimmer in your rooms, this might be something you want to try out.

Rebecca Atwood Speckled wallpaper is a beautiful example of contemporary abstract wallpaper. Available in both fabric and wallpaper, the first of many coasters featuring these designs is included here for reference. A richly textured ink wash created an intricate tonal background, rich with a deep blue wash that washes out to a slightly darker blue when framed by a pattern. repeat is 24 h x 33 v in larger and medium versions, designed to be used over kitchen backsplashes. This Picture design is featured on many other products including coasters, table runners, napkins and table cloths.


Rebecca Atwood Speckled wallpaper is the latest and greatest Picture design to come from the house of Rebecca Atwood. This month, she released her second collection of wallpaper inspired by nature, featuring twelve gorgeous patterns that are all focused on different poses-each of which showcases a different color from the rainbow. I have to say, while Rebecca might be new to Picture designing, what she is doing here is truly superb. The patterns are all vibrant and have the feel of nature, as well as a sense of femininity. For someone who has never used Picture designs before, these patterns will be a real eye catcher, bringing nature indoors without being over done. You just can’t go wrong when it comes to wallpaper inspired by nature-it truly brings life to your walls!


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