new digital wallpaper

A new digital wallpaper range by the Felix Schoeller Group is being showcased at the Graphexpo in Chicago. STYLine is a range of paper specially designed for use with various digital printing systems. It is available in a variety of colours and textures and is soft to the touch. The paper is also PVC-free. Here are some examples of the types of digital wallpaper available. Listed below are some of the best. Each is available in a variety of sizes.

If you’re planning on remodeling a room, you may want to consider new digital wallpaper. It is possible to turn your wallpaper into a virtual trip to somewhere exotic, such as a tropical beach. You can also use a new type of wallpaper to transport yourself to the heart of the city, or even to the peaceful hills. This innovative technology allows designers to break the traditional repeat-pattern-wallpaper mould. You can also get any colour, and even have gradients that are free of hard lines.

A leading specialty paper manufacturer has introduced a new digital wallpaper range, the STYLine(r) collection, designed for a variety of digital printing systems. These digital papers offer excellent print results and expressive colours. In addition, the range of STYLine(r) wallpapers is PVC-free, making them ideal for the green conscious. Its innovative features will allow designers to create an incredibly personal style with their wallpaper. But why should you choose this new digital wallpaper?


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