Tips to Save Your Favorite Photos Into a live Wallpaper

Live photo wallpaper is an animated clipart picture that replaces the standard static wallpaper on the lock screen or Home screen of the mobile phone. This is a very entertaining way to make your desktop wallpaper more attractive and unique. If you own an iPhone, choose the Live photo wallpaper that you want to install in the usual wallpaper settings. This will allow you to set the wallpaper image as often as you like.

To do this, open the “Settings” menu in your iPhone, tap on “Display”, tap on “Live Photo”, tap on “Set” and then tap on “Save”. This will set your new wallpaper as the default wallpaper in your iPhone.

Iphone live Photo

For the more adventurous users of the photo wallpaper, they can set up the picture on their computer and then share it with the other users of their phone. There are many ways that you can share the picture to your friends using the live wallpaper.

In order to share a photo wallpaper to your friends, you need to first load the photo into your camera. Then, you need to go to the “Share” button. This button is located under the photo album section and allows you to share your photo using your iPhone’s social network.

You can even create a photo wallpaper yourself by adding more photos on top of each other. This is possible because the image of your wallpapers is already saved onto your iPhone.





To get a more unique look to your wallpaper, you should always save your favorite pictures from your iPhone on your desktop and upload them to your laptop or iPhone via Wi-Fi before you store them into your Live wallpaper. If you don’t, you will get an ordinary looking image without any changes at all.

Once you have downloaded your desired photo wallpaper on your iPhone, you can also use the photo album of your computer. Open it in your computer, and then import all of your photos into the album.

If you want to display your photos on your iPhone, you can use the photo wallpaper of your computer as a background image. This is also quite easy to do.




Summer wallpaper

Open the photo wallpaper and scroll up and down until you find the position that looks best for your photo. Then tap on the “Change” icon at the bottom of the screen. Click on the photo wallpaper that you want to use and drag it on to make the bottom part of the screen.

Now, you will see the image of your wallpaper that you have selected on the top of your screen. You can change the background using the “Appearance” option.

The next time you see this picture on your iPhone, you can change your wallpaper using this photo wallpaper. This way, you will get a completely different photo wallpaper from what you had before.

Another way to save your favorite photos is to use this photo wallpaper from a website that lets you save images to your computer. When you open the website, you can choose to download any of the photos that you want from them to your phone and then save them on your iPhone.




Beach live Photo wallpaper

The only downside to this type of photo wallpaper is that it has a very short life span. It may not be possible to save more than a few hundred images from your computer or even more.

The main purpose of these types of photo wallpapers is to increase the visual value of your iPhone and to increase your ability to remember your favorite photos with photographs. As long as they are stored in your iPhone properly, they will remain on your phone for years to come.

What to Do With Your Live Photo Wallpaper

Live photo wallpaper is a moving image which replaces a static photo in the Home or Lock screen of the phone. This is a unique way to add personality to your wallpapers. You can add a variety of images, from pictures of your favorite celebrities, to pictures of places you’ve visited. If you own an iPhone, choose the Live photo you prefer for your wallpaper settings. Here are some guidelines for choosing the right wallpaper for your iPhone.

You will want your wallpaper to be simple so that you can see the picture and not have to scroll through pictures. The best quality wallpapers will load up very quickly and smoothly. Avoid using a wallpaper that has too many colors or has graphics and images embedded. Also avoid wallpaper which has flashing lights or sounds.



High Resolution live Photo

After you’ve chosen your Live photo wallpaper, you will need to select how you’d like to see the picture on your iPhone. You’ll be able to choose from a full screen, half screen, rotation or portrait view. You can also adjust the size and position of the live photo. When you make changes to the picture, your wallpaper will also change. This makes it easy to change your wallpaper in one place while keeping the picture the same.

Once you’ve made the change, you can also save your picture by selecting the picture and clicking on ‘save’. Your wallpaper will update so you don’t need to reload your wallpaper if you want a different picture.




Galaxy wallpaper

For the best results when changing your wallpaper, make sure you set your lock screen to the picture you chose. and set it to display the same picture on each screen. Don’t just pick up and go from your Lock screen. Instead, click the lock icon and then drag the picture to the corresponding page in your Home or Lock screen. You can also set a custom lock screen by tapping the lock icon and dragging the picture to the desired place.

Finally, enjoy your picture on your iPhone by adding it to your lock screen. Changing your wallpapers isn’t just limited to changing the background, you can add text or pictures to it to spice things up as well. Just remember to keep your photos safe by storing them away from kids or other people who may delete them accidentally.

Smoke live Photo

It is a good idea to use live wallpaper on both the iPhone and iPod Touch. The only disadvantage of using the iPhone and iPod Touch is that you cannot change the picture directly on the phone itself. You must download the image to your computer and then copy it to the appropriate location on your phone before you can save it.


Once you have copied the picture to your phone, you will need to open it up to see how you want to change the picture. You’ll need to find your Live photo wallpaper, tap it to open it up, then drag it to the desired location on the phone. and then you are ready to save your image.

It is important that you remember that you cannot change your image until you have saved it. If you save the picture before you even change it, then you are making it harder for you to undo the change. and you will have to go back to the first screen and change your wallpaper.

Star Wars

Love Heart Live Photo Wallpaper gives you great photos and live photo frames which you can easily add your favorite portrait or family member to enhance your computer screen. This live wallpaper comes with romantic love backgrounds where you will be able to get a more romantic mood to your PC.

This is the best picture-in-picture live wallpaper for high definition video games, netbooks and other types of mobile devices. Love is what this wallpaper is all about because it brings back the old memories of your favorite moments together. You will surely get a nostalgic feeling when you use this wallpapers especially if you are in love with your spouse or loved one.

Naruto live Photo

If you are looking for something more sophisticated than the usual background of video games then you should consider using this kind of live wallpaper. This wallpaper has been designed with the purpose of giving you a romantic feeling and gives you more choices than what you have in the market. You will find it very easy to create your own video game like experience by choosing from the various options you have on this wallpaper.

Ocean live Photo wallpaper

There are many websites which offer free downloads of this wallpaper, but do not forget to check out other websites that are selling the same thing for a more romantic place to download. Make sure that the website which you will use does not give you viruses or any type of spy ware and make sure that you do not get charged for downloading the wallpaper.

The next important thing that you need to look into is the theme of the background. This is probably the most important one as it is the main attraction of your wallpaper. Choose the theme that is not only interesting but also unique and creative and give it a special touch. A theme is usually chosen from the theme of the video game, movies, TV show, or a movie.


The next thing to consider is the number of colors you want to put on the wall. This is an important aspect, since there are different types of colors you can choose from. You can choose from red, blue, yellow, white, and black.

The last and the most important step is to select the fonts you want to use. These are very essential as it can add up the uniqueness and beauty of the wallpaper.

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