light and dark wallpaper

iPhone users who like to change the look of their phones with light and dark themes can do so by adding shortcuts to their favorite apps. In the Shortcuts editor, tap on the “Light and Dark wallpaper” card. Select the appropriate album, and a photo from this album will be your wallpaper when Dark Mode is turned off. The following tips are provided for you to use the app. Make sure you have iOS 14 installed before you install this extension.

To change the iPhone’s wallpaper, you can make use of a shortcut in the Shortcuts editor to set different light and dark wallpapers. The default photo becomes the light wallpaper, and the other will be the dark one. To change the light and darkness of the light and dark wallpaper, you’ll need to create two different images. The photos in the light and dark albums should be different, and they should be in the same album.


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