125+ Best iphone xs wallpaper ideas to decorate your phone

With the upcoming iOS12 update just hours away, iPhone Xs wallpapers are a great way to give your phone a fresh new look. There are over 74 wallpapers for iPhone Xs to choose from, and many are customizable. You can also check out the live wallpapers, which require 3D Touch to change them.

74 iPhone XS wallpapers

With the new iPhone XS, Apple has launched some exciting new features. One of these is a new camera. This new camera allows users to take stunning photos of the world, and you can now download amazing iPhone XS wallpapers to customize the look of your device. These wallpapers can be used on your PC, laptop, Android phone, or tablet. Whether you want to make your phone look slick or hide the notch, there are plenty of wallpapers to match your phone.

If you’re not interested in buying the new iPhone XS, then you can also download wallpapers for it from iFixit, a site that specialises in disassembling gadgets. The guys at iFixit have been disassembling household objects for years, but they’ve recently been applying their expertise to Apple’s latest iPhone models. They love discovering the hidden technologies that make our gadgets tick, and they’ve taken their passion for these small devices to a new level. Whether you’re a new iPhone owner or a tech geek, you can download a wallpaper from iFixit that features your device’s internals.

3D Touch required for live wallpapers

The iPhone XS and iPhone XR do not support Live wallpapers. This means that if you want to enjoy the animated wallpaper, you must enable 3D Touch. Otherwise, it will appear as a still image. The solution to this problem is to either remove the animated Wallpaper and choose a vibrant background, or try enabling 3D Touch again and restart the phone. In most cases, this will resolve the problem.

The first iPhones to support live wallpapers were the iPhone 6s Plus. These models introduced the “3D Touch” technology, which allows users to change the background and animate it with a touch and hold gesture. Later models of the iPhone also introduced the “haptic touch” technology, which is a long press gesture. However, Apple removed 3D Touch from older iPhones in favor of a larger screen and a bigger battery. If you wish to use live wallpapers on your iPhone, it is imperative that you have a 3D Touch or haptic-touch compatible model.

In iOS 16, the live wallpaper feature was removed, resulting in a static image on the lock screen. This change was intended to make the experience more immersive. Using a “long-press” gesture on the lock screen to access the Wallpaper Gallery is another solution. However, this method is still in beta, so if you’d like to enjoy live wallpapers on your iPhone, make sure you have 3D Touch enabled.

If your iPhone is unable to handle live wallpapers, you can disable 3D Touch on the iPhone XS by setting the sensitivity to Medium or Low. Alternatively, you can hold the Volume Up/Volume Down buttons until the slider for power off appears. If the live wallpaper still does not work, try restarting the phone. If you’re still experiencing problems, try to update to iOS 13.4.1 or higher.

Then, download the intoLive app from the App Store. The app lets you create your own Live Photos. You can also use the app to choose from one of many available Live Photos in the App Store.


iPhone XS users can use a wide variety of wallpapers to personalize their device. There are many available templates online or users can create a custom wallpaper using a photo or downloaded image. The iPhone also has a live wallpaper option that allows users to have an animated background. Live wallpapers are available in two formats, static and interactive.

Custom wallpapers can be created with free and paid applications. You can even create your own design with apps like Canva. The free version of the app allows you to upload a design of any size, which is great for personalizing a phone. Once you have a design, you can choose the size and quality of the wallpaper.

Another option for customizing iPhone XS wallpapers is to use a custom lock screen. This will prevent prying eyes from seeing private content on the screen. It will also make it easy for you to access Control Center, Siri, and the Camera. Custom wallpapers are available in iOS 16.

Another way to customize an iPhone XS wallpaper is to create your own from scratch. You can also use Adobe Express for this. This application offers a number of professionally designed templates that can be customized. It also allows you to create a theme for your designs and offers a variety of customizable elements. Adobe Express is free to download, and it lets you save and share your designs.

The new iPhone comes with a broader variety of dynamic wallpapers than its predecessors. The color gamut has also improved. You can also choose a photo from the Library to use as a wallpaper. You can pinch out to zoom in and out of it, and rotate the image so it looks as if it’s moving. Another option is to set an image as your lock screen as well.

Another option for customizing your iPhone is to get a custom case. Customizable iPhone XS cases offer a wide variety of options, and can give your phone a unique look. Besides cases, there are also plenty of other customization options available for the iPhone software. There are apps that make the lock screen look better, and you can change your app icons and customize your lock screen wallpapers.

74 iPhone XS Wallpapers

74 iPhone XS wallpapers

If you’re looking for a new wallpaper to put on your iPhone XS, you’ve come to the right place. This collection of 74 iPhone XS wallpapers is available for desktop and mobile devices. Whether you want a beautiful image of a sunset or a sassy image of a dog, you’ll find it here. And you can get them for free, too.

The App Store has tons of free iPhone wallpapers. While there’s a limited selection of free apps, the App Store has a vast catalog of free wallpapers. You can also get a free trial version of paid apps. Sadly, you can’t use these on an older iPhone model.

There are also some apps that can create your wallpapers for you. Some apps let you start from scratch, while others offer templates. If you’d rather start from scratch, you might want to try Canva. It’s a great way to create many different designs. Just be sure to enter the pixel ratio of your Apple device.

Live wallpapers

Live wallpapers are now available for the iPhone XS and iPhone XR. However, it is important to remember that Live wallpapers require 3D Touch functionality. While the iPhone 6s and XR lack this feature, users can jailbreak their devices to enable 3D Touch emulation. Peek-a-Boo, for example, is a good example of a 3D Touch emulation tweak that lets you view Live wallpapers.

Live wallpapers work best on devices with a retina display. They are not compatible with non-retina devices. If you want to use live wallpapers, you must press and hold the device’s screen using a 3D touch gesture. Some handsets do not support live wallpapers, but most iPhone xs models do. To check if your handset supports them, go to the Wallpapers section of the Settings menu.

You can find many different types of live wallpapers for iPhone Xs, ranging from simple designs to complex animations. These wallpapers add flair and personalize your device. Some of them are free to download, while others require you to purchase them from the App Store. If you’d like to add a different type of live wallpaper to your iPhone, download Live Wallpapers Plus HD 4k.

Appyfurious OU offers a great free trial version of their live wallpaper application. It has a wide selection of live wallpapers for your iPhone XS and XR, and it also supports family sharing. It has a weekly subscription option for $3.99 and new live wallpapers are added regularly. However, the premium version is more expensive and offers limited access to more features. Nevertheless, this app is worth the investment for the unique experience that it offers.

To use Live Wallpapers on your iPhone XS, make sure your device supports iOS 13.4.1 or later. Live wallpapers require the processor to be active, and this can drain your battery. This is especially problematic for phones with low battery. However, if you own an iPhone 6S or newer, you won’t have to worry about battery drain, because the built-in battery of this device allows it to continue running in live wallpaper mode.

Personalized wallpapers

Apple offers a wide range of iPhone Xs wallpapers that make the device look great. However, some users are looking for a more customizable approach. Personalized iPhone XS wallpapers are a great way to add personality to your device and complement your mood. They also raise your style quotient.

Personalized iPhone XS wallpapers can be created using a number of different tools. The free Adobe Express software lets you create wallpapers from scratch and create a theme for your designs. You can also save and share your creations. The app also features professional-looking templates, a customizable interface, and a variety of design features.

Once you’ve chosen a design, you can upload the image to the phone’s screen. Using an app called PicMonkey, you can choose a design that suits your device’s screen resolution. You can zoom in or out on the image to change the size. The application also has a range of sizes for popular phone models.

Another option is to change the font on the lock screen. The new font is a bit bulkier, but it is easy to read. Custom lock screens also let you change the font on the clock. You can also change the wallpaper on the lock screen. Simply press and hold the Customize button on your iPhone, and choose the new wallpaper you want to use.

Creating your own wallpaper can be a creative way to showcase your personality and style. There are several apps available for this purpose. Canva is one of them. It is free and easy to use. Moreover, you can even upload your own design using the app.

‘Bubbles’ wallpapers

If you want a wallpaper that is colorful and dynamic, ‘Bubbles’ is a great choice. The images are made to look like oil paint bubbles or fictional gas planets. You can download the wallpaper to your iPhone XS Max.

‘Bubbles’ iPhone XS wallpapers are available in two different designs. One version features two large abstract dark purple bubbles on a black background. The other features a soap bubble. The wallpaper is meant to cover the iPhone notch. It also has animated bubbles.

‘Bubbles’ iPhone XS and XR wallpapers feature bubbles with colored backgrounds that match the iPhone XR’s color scheme. These bubble wallpapers are mostly transparent, but some of them have subtle multi-color designs on the edges.

The iPhone XS Max has a 6.5-inch display, and Apple has added new wallpapers to take advantage of the larger screen real estate. During the launch event, Apple showed off some of the new wallpapers, and they look great! So, if you’re not planning on upgrading, consider giving your phone a facelift with a new wallpaper.

Changing the wallpaper on the Lock Screen and Home Screen

You can change the wallpaper of both the Lock Screen and the Home Screen of your iPhone XS by following a couple of simple steps. First, open the Settings app and go to Wallpaper. In the Wallpaper panel, tap Customize and choose the wallpaper you want to use.

The next step is to choose a picture for the Lock Screen. You can choose from many types of photos. You can also choose a custom photo or set a shuffle frequency to change it daily or hourly. This option also lets you change the date and time. If you don’t want to change your wallpaper, you can use the Blur feature to blur the image so the icons will stand out more clearly.

If you want to use the same image for the home screen and lock screen, you can choose different images for the two screens. However, this option requires that you have the same Apple ID setting. The other option is to select the same image and set the wallpapers separately.

In iOS 16, you can set the aspect ratio of the wallpaper you want to use on the Home Screen and Lock Screen. You can also crop a photo to use as a lock screen wallpaper. This feature is available in the Photos app. Just touch and hold the lock screen to open the Customize menu. You may need to enter a password to access the Customize feature.

You can also adjust the depth effect of the image. By default, the depth effect is not enabled when the subject is near the lock screen clock. To enable depth effect, pinch outwards and zoom into the background. You can then adjust the subject to fit it in the new photo.

Free iPhone XS Wallpapers

If you’re looking for free iPhone XS wallpapers, look no further. Unsplash is a website that hosts a huge collection of free photos and images, including iPhone XS wallpapers. This is a much better option than purchasing royalty free images from the stock photo marketplace. In addition to offering a variety of high-quality images, Unsplash also features a community of photographers.

74 iPhone XS wallpapers

If you are looking for iPhone XS wallpapers for your computer, tablet, or phone, you have come to the right place! This page contains 74 great wallpapers for your new device! These HD quality wallpapers will add an extra spark to your browsing experience. Not only will they look great on your phone, but they will also be a great way to get your creative juices flowing.

If you want to get some really cool wallpapers for your phone, iFixit has a great collection. You can download these wallpapers for free and even customize them to fit your taste. And they are available in several sizes! You can download them directly to your device or use them on your computer.

You can also use the App Store to download some cool wallpapers. You can choose from among tons of free and paid apps. Just make sure that the app you’re downloading is compatible with your iPhone model. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a wallpaper that won’t fit your phone!

Live wallpapers

Live wallpapers are animated images that appear in your iPhone lock screen when you hold them with your finger. Live wallpapers can be either photos or videos. To create live wallpapers, you must first take a large number of still images. Live photographs take about 1.5 seconds to capture. Videos are also great options because they can be saved as Live Photos. Using the intoLive Pro version of the app, you can choose the speed of the clip, add filters, and select a keyframe.

The Live Wallpapers app can be downloaded for free, or you can subscribe to get unlimited live wallpapers for a small fee. These wallpapers have beautiful artwork and animations. Live wallpapers work well on the iPhone XS, as well as the iPhone 7 and 8 models. However, live wallpapers do cost money, so you should be prepared to shell out a few bucks to enjoy the experience.

Apple has released new versions of the iPhone X and iPhone Xs Max, which both feature live wallpaper. While the iPhone Xs’s default live wallpapers are quite low-resolution, the iPhone Xs Max has a resolution of 2076 x 960 pixels, allowing you to view more detail on the screen. In addition, live wallpapers will use more battery than the stock wallpaper.

The iPhone Xs Max is Apple’s latest device, which boasts improved OLED displays, an ultra-fast A12 bionic chip, and improved camera software. With a price tag of $999 for the base model, the iPhone Xs Max can be expensive, especially if you are upgrading. Live wallpapers are a great way to upgrade your iPhone’s look and feel.

The app Live Wallpapers Plus HD 4k is a great option for those who want a unique live wallpaper. It offers a huge collection of moving backgrounds and themes created by professional artists. These live wallpapers will enhance the look and feel of your iPhone’s home screen. There are many great live wallpaper apps available for the iPhone.

Live Photos can be set as standard, non-animated wallpapers, but they do not support 3D Touch. If you have a low-powered iPhone, you can choose to use Live Photos as a static wallpaper instead. But you should note that Live Photos don’t support 3D touch, and they will also appear as static when you turn on Low-Power mode.

Besides being beautiful, live wallpapers can also save your battery. However, some users may have trouble with them. So, before using live wallpapers, make sure to follow these tips to make them work. If you encounter any problems, do not hesitate to restart your iPhone. There are also other ways to make live wallpapers for iPhone xs work for your device.

The easiest way to set up live wallpapers on your iPhone is to go to Settings>Wallpaper. You can then tap on the live wallpaper and select it. It should work.

Leaked images of wallpapers

The next Apple iPhone is coming in September, and Apple fans are already speculating about the new phone. Leaked images of the new iPhone’s wallpapers have been published online, and they reveal some details about the upcoming model. The XS is said to have a smaller bezel than previous models, and there are two different sizes of the phone.

The Jupiter image is a zoomed image of a soap bubble, and it supports speculations that the new iPhone will support macro photography. However, there is no proof that Apple licensed the picture, and the wallpapers aren’t exclusive to the phone. Jupiter is also associated with new technology in the handset, such as wearables.

Apple has been hinting about the new iPhones for months. Its latest update, iOS 12, includes some marketing images for the iPhone XS. In these images, the device’s gold finish is visible. The gold version also has a notch, although the wallpaper has been strategically placed to hide the notch.

Those interested in downloading the space wallpaper can do so by visiting the link below. The wallpaper is available for both the lock screen and the home screen. The design works well with the iPhone X and older models, too. If you’re a space fan, you’ll love this new space wallpaper.

One of the most popular iPhone leaks reveals that the new handset will have an OLED display. The OLED display is said to have a higher contrast than LCD. Therefore, you can use these wallpapers on your laptop, iPhone, or even iPad. They also work well with Android devices, and can be used as iPhone screens.

The unreleased iPhone XS wallpapers have been leaked online. A website called 9to5Mac shared the images, and made them available to download. One of the wallpapers features a colorful planet that is hidden in the background. While Apple has sometimes licensed photographs for wallpapers, this time around, there’s no way to link these images to any photographer. The images were derived from an image that Apple is using to promote the new iPhone.

iPhone XS Wallpapers

If you are looking for iPhone XS wallpapers, you have come to the right place. There are 74 different wallpapers that will suit your new device. These backgrounds are free to download and customize. However, you will need 3D Touch to access live wallpapers. You can find many free iPhone XS wallpapers at Unsplash, a website that lets you download free images from photographers around the world.

74 iPhone XS wallpapers

If you’re looking for an iPhone XS wallpaper to use on your PC, laptop, iPhone, or tablet, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find 74 different wallpapers for the iPhone XS, including the new one! These high-quality wallpapers are available for pre-order starting on September 14 and are expected to ship on September 21.

You can also find wallpapers with the iPhone XS Max. For example, there’s a wallpaper of colorful bubbles. Some of these look like oil paint bubbles, while others look like gas planets. Both types of wallpapers can be downloaded for free. You can use any of them as your lock screen or desktop wallpaper.

There’s also a wide selection of anime-inspired wallpapers for your iPhone. The retro look of these wallpapers is sure to bring back happy memories of childhood. A retro wallpaper can also give your iPhone a new look. This is the perfect way to update the look of your iPhone.

If you’re looking for free iPhone XS wallpapers, you can head to Background Labs. This site is full of free design resources, including textures and vector graphics. The backgrounds are stunning, and you’ll be able to download them without worrying about the license. Background Labs also offers a wide selection of themes to choose from, including nature, retro, and anime themes.

3D Touch required for live wallpapers

Live iPhone XS wallpapers are not compatible with older iPhone models that don’t have 3D Touch. This is because the older iPhone models do not have pressure-sensitive displays and cannot support 3D Touch. However, these older iPhones can still be jailbroken and used with 3D Touch emulation tweaks like Peek-a-Boo.

Before installing a live iPhone XS wallpaper, you must first disable Low Power Mode. This will stop all the processes and programs running on your phone. This should solve the issue. However, you should be aware that Live Wallpapers only work on the Lock Screen. You must also disable 3D Touch or Haptic Touch if you want to use this feature. Otherwise, it will become a static image.

If you’d prefer to use a live iPhone XS wallpaper, you can set a GIF-turned-Live Photo as the wallpaper. Then, when you press on it with 3D Touch, you’ll see it animate. This feature is not available on the home screen, however, so you can’t set a live iPhone XS wallpaper if you’re using an iPhone SE.

Live iPhone XS wallpapers require a 3D Touch enabled device in order to work. However, if your phone doesn’t have this feature, you can still set a custom video as a wallpaper. But if you’re not a fan of static wallpapers, then you may want to consider using another wallpaper instead.

Live iPhone XS wallpapers are a great way to express your emotions. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful nature landscape or a funny cartoon, live iPhone XS wallpapers will be a great addition to your device. Just remember that these live wallpapers are not free!

Live iPhone XS wallpapers are compatible with iOS 14 and above. However, you need to make sure your Face ID is enabled before using a live wallpaper. Moreover, Live iPhone XS wallpapers are only available on the Lock Screen. They don’t animate when you wake up the phone, so you must press the screen in order to trigger them.

Live iPhone XS wallpapers are perfect for the iPhone XS because they can make your Lock Screen look alive! They also give your Lock Screen a personality boost! But be warned, live wallpapers require 3D Touch, which is necessary to get the full effect.


If you’ve been wanting to give your iPhone a more personalized look, you can create your own custom iPhone xs wallpapers using apps such as PicMonkey. The app comes with a number of wallpaper design ideas, and you can even input custom dimensions. You’ll find that it has dimensions for most popular phones, too.

The first step is to choose a wallpaper that’s appropriate for the screen resolution of your device. You can use the iPhone screen resolution guide to see which resolutions will work for your device. Once you’ve chosen a wallpaper, you can set it on your device’s home screen or lock screen. The home screen, also called the app screen, allows you to access various functions.

Another great way to create custom wallpapers for your iPhone is to download professionally designed templates. You can choose a color scheme and decide what theme you’d like your design to have. You can also duplicate and resize your design. All of these programs are free, and will let you save and share your design.

There are also apps that let you create GIFs, which work well as a live wallpaper. If you have 3D Touch or Haptic Touch enabled, you can turn any GIF into a live wallpaper. Just make sure to use the Photos app. If you’re using the Photos app, you’ll need to take extra steps to ensure that the GIF runs on the lock screen. First, you need to enable “Require Attention for Face ID” in Settings.

If you prefer to have a more unique wallpaper, you can use apps like PicMonkey. They offer a variety of nature and flower graphics to choose from. This way, you can create an adorable nature scene or a mystical fantasy scene. You can even create a seasonal phone wallpaper and change it as often as you like.

Another great way to customize your iPhone is to install a new wallpaper. The iPhone XS comes with a number of beautiful wallpapers, but there are also several free downloads available to make your iPhone XS look unique and personal. By changing your iPhone XS wallpaper, you can change the look and feel of your home screen.


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