Hot wallpapers For iPhone 7 Plus – How to Choose the Right wallpaper

iPhone users can download a variety of free hot wallpapers for iPhone 7 Plus from the App Store, including live ones. A Live wallpaper appears as a still image until it is long-pressed and comes to life. These dynamic wallpapers are compatible with any Live Photo that the iPhone owner has. They can be viewed on the Lock or Home screens. The animates only when viewed on the Lock screen. They also have the option of selecting a background from a gallery of three different Live wallpapers.

Hot wallpapers For iPhone 7 – Digital Wallpaper Ideas


There are several options available when it comes to hot wallpapers for iPhone 7. While we all want something that looks good on our phone, there are some that are just plain cool. The iPhone 7 features dynamic live wallpapers that play continuously. The only difference between this type of wallpaper and a live one is that the latter requires you to force touch the lock screen in order for it to begin animating. However, both of these types of wallpapers are great for both the Home and Lock screens.


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