Inspiring Picture design

Deep-green William Morris wallpaper complements this inspirational Picture design, which features an authentic antique print of the British Isles. The background is rich with color, contrasting against a white ground and creamy ivory walls. This background border design also features a diamond shape inspired Pagoda and Lucy Rose fabric, along with the original hand painted pattern on the family’s traditional tobacco tin. Original hand painted art by William Morris is featured throughout the property, in the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, living room, and bathroom. The wallpaper and paint design was inspired by the natural landscape found in the “forts” located in the area.

The famous British author, William Morris, is well renowned for his Morality in all things – not just literature, but also wall paper and decor. His beautiful works are still widely available and are often used as inspiration for the most creative home improvement designs. A wallpaper pattern based on one of his most famous works, The Well atween, creates an attractive focal point in the home and reminds us of the author’s passion for nature and English countryside. His many titles translate directly to ‘welcoming light’ and provide a beautiful contrast between the dark and harsh modern landscapes and cheerful traditional gardens. The green william morris wallpaper, inspired by Morality in all things, completes the harmonising theme of this beautiful work.


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