BlackBerry Stock Android Interface

Gold wallpaper 4K is a new wallpaper offered by Canadian mobile network provider, BlackBerry. It is similar to the stock Android wallpaper which you can download from the Android Market. BlackBerry’s latest wallpaper comes with the ability to add your own pictures or images from your digital camera or from your webcam. This latest wallpaper has also been equipped with an array of amazing features such as themed user interface, themed navigation, task manager, keyboard shortcuts, advanced wallpaper picker, and so much more… Read on to find out more from this BlackBerry review!

The gold wallpaper 4k is a new release from Dell and it features hi-res (HD) images of gold that is designed to look like the traditional gold plated decoration seen on so many homes. These wallpaper images are available in two formats, which have been designed to work well with HDTV sets and with laptops that support HD. This background is a part of a new range of Dell accessories that include a wallpaper scanner, which allows users to browse through millions of wallpapers and choose the one they like, as well as the latest wallpaper, which can be displayed on the desktop, notebook or laptop. To make the most of this background, it can be arranged in different positions and themes, giving the home screen an individual flair.


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