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Giorno Givanna is a highly talented artist who has created many beautiful pieces of art. This particular artist is also incredibly popular amongst his fans. His style combines a lot of different elements and he can easily be categorized into a number of genres. Some of his favorites are tango, afro-fusion, and blues. He has a remarkable intellect and has been known to use a calm demeanor throughout his work.

Real name

Giorno Giovanna is the main protagonist of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series. He is the son of Jonathan Joestar. His real name was Haruno Shiobana, but he changed it to Giorno Giovanna after he grew up in Italy.

Giorno is a teenager who is popular among girls. He has a slender body and three oversized curls over his forehead. His hair is tied back with a braided tail. The color of his hair was originally black, but it later turned into a blond hue.

He has a bloodline with the Joestar family, and it’s rumored that his biological ancestry comes from the DNA of Jonathan Joestar. He also carries the Joestar Birthmark.

Giorno is a serious and thoughtful kid who is not reckless. However, he can be anxious when things go awry. Nevertheless, he is able to find solutions to problems and instill confidence in others.

He possesses a number of DIO traits, including his scream, “WRYYY!”. He also has the ability to give life to objects, and has the ability to predict the life forms of enemies.

He has an encyclopedic knowledge of biology and flora. He also uses the Stand, Gold Experience, to his advantage. One of his favorite musicians is Jeff Beck.

Although he possesses great power, Giorno is not a violent character. He is not malevolent, and he often displays a calm and mute demeanor when in danger. When he is emotionally distressed, he yells.

In his fight against Diavolo’s King Crimson, Giorno was unable to defeat the villain. This may be due to the fact that Giorno is still relatively young and not as strong as other characters in the series.

Favorite artists

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Resemblance to DIO

Giorno Giovanna is the protagonist of the manga Vento Aureo. He is half Japanese and half Italian. His appearance is slightly different than other Joestars, but he resembles Dio in many ways.

Throughout his childhood, Giorno lived in Japan with his mother. However, soon after she married, he moved to Italy. During this time, he was very neglected by his mother. This was one of the reasons why Giorno became a Mafiaster.

In the anime version of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, he appears as a Joestar who has grey or blue eyes. However, he has a deeper emerald eye. The character is also very tall and has a wider, sexier profile.

As a young child, Giorno’s father, Dio Brando, was a physical abuser. This is where the similarity between Dio and Giorno Giovanna begins. Despite his physical appearance, Giorno is not evil. Instead, he has a sense of good and strives to protect the weak.

Although he has been framed for bribery, Giorno’s personality does not make him a criminal. Rather, his personality is a mix of politeness and charisma. Interestingly, he has three ladybugs etched into his suit, which is a symbol of luck. Moreover, he has a Joestar Birthmark.

Giorno has a natural leadership ability. He becomes a member of the Bucciarati gang after learning the ropes from the rest of the team. Ultimately, he becomes the leader of the gang. Unlike other Joestars, he does not get into trouble with the law.

Similarly to Dio, Giorno has a sense of good. He doesn’t always follow the rules. For instance, he is known to bribe police officers, but he is never in trouble with the law. Also, he has a photo of DIO in his wallet. Despite this, he is very loyal to his teammates.

Calm demeanor

When he is in danger, Giorno Giovanna has a calm demeanor. He does not let anger get the best of him, and he never gets reckless. He often shows moments of fury, but they are usually tempered. His anger comes from within him, and he never allows it to control him.

Although he is not as intense as his father, Dio, Giorno does display a strong determination. He wants to join the strongest gang in the Italian mob, but he has a difficult time escaping the gang that has taken over his life. Eventually, he finds himself trapped in the gang led by Bucciarati.

Giorno has a calm demeanor, and he is also extremely intelligent. It is easy to see why he is so popular among girls. He has a lot of friends who do not know what he is thinking. However, he sometimes gets emotional and breaks out in a sweat when he is upset, yelling at the top of his lungs. While his friends do not seem to understand him, Giorno has an impressive brain.

Although Giorno is a member of the Joestar and Brando bloodlines, he does not share the selfishness of his parents. In fact, he shares many of his qualities with his father, but he also has a brainy side.

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