free ios 10 wallpaper


If you’re one of the millions of Apple users, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of free iOS 10 wallpapers available for download. The new operating system, along with macOS Sierra, will be available to download later this fall. These new versions will feature the new universal clipboard, Auto-Unlock, and Siri on the desktop. However, these major releases can be quite unstable, and you’ll want to choose your wallpaper carefully. You can find thousands of different choices in various sites online.

The new macOS Sierra and iOS 10 are available in the App Store and will have brand new wallpapers as defaults. The latest wallpaper is a crashing aqua-colored wave with land beneath. It is designed to mimic the colors of the ocean. The macOS Sierra wallpaper has a sweeping mountain ridge with snow-capped peaks. It will be great for people who want a dramatic change in their phone’s appearance.


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