EarthPorn wallpaper – What’s So Special About This New Custom wallpaper?

EarthPorn wallpaper is a fresh take on the tired old boring old wallpaper we all have tried and either got away from or just never seemed to find the best. I’ve created a little modified version of the old earth wallpaper shortcut by removing the background. It automatically pulls a random selected picture from a list of the best 100 most viewed pictures, does some slight resizing magic on the original wallpaper and puts the new wallpaper on the desktop.

EarthPorn wallpaper is a brand of wallpaper that is made up of abstract images, mostly taken from the photographer’s portfolio. The images can be anything from abstract landscapes to seascapes to celebrities – it’s all here. These are often made in high resolution digitally, and thus come as very beautiful wallpapers for you to use. There are many other types of photos that have been used by the brand, such as Star Wars, landscape pictures, fashion and music photos – you can find them all on EarthPorn wallpaper. The good background ideas are those that combine different kinds of media together in an interesting way to create unique and exciting wallpapers for your computer

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