Dark Shiny wallpaper

If you are looking for a way to add texture and dimension to your room, you can choose a dark shiny wallpaper. The shiny design can be a great option in the master bedroom of a modern apartment, but it will look out of place in a classic living room. This style is also out of fashion in most bedrooms, giving off an 80s hotel vibe. El Moussa did not stick to this standout wallpaper idea for very long and instead used classic neutral paint colors in other rooms.

Dark Shiny wallpaper – Advantages of Dark Shiny Wallpaper


If you want to give your room a glamorous look, try dark shiny wallpaper. This design has many advantages and will make your room feel extra special. This type of wallpaper has metallic and shimmering colors and will enchant everyone who sees it. It is the perfect choice for a bedroom or living room, because of its opulent appearance and luxurious feel. Here are some of the pros of this kind of wallpaper. They will make your home look stylish and classy.


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