Cork Wallpaper Design for Wall Covering Options – A Wonderful Wall Design

Cork wallpaper is a great choice if you like eco-friendly wall covering options. This unique choice of picture comes in a number of different designs and can be used in your home or office as decoration or to protect sensitive furnishings. Cork wallpaper matches most interior settings with its great style structures, the range of tones and useful benefits.

Cork wallpapers suit most surroundings with their great style structures, range of colors and practical utilities. These gorgeous natural wallpapers are crafted using the polished bark of the cork tree, an eco-friendly resource with great features in terms of energy savings and excellent home environment. Natural cork tree is fast growing and can be cultivated from the 18th century. It provides a natural structure for the weaving of fabric, paper, etc. The woven design is sturdy enough to resist the harsh weather conditions.

With interesting visual counterpoint between subtle natural tones and modern metallic elegance, York Wallcoverings’ Industrial Interior Volume II by Ronald Reding Designs combines the best of both textures in an elegant wallpaper collection just for today’s urban dwelling. Textured on a premium vinyl (Acrylic + PVC) surface with a non-woven substrate backing, this long-lasting wallpaper is easy to clean and even shines with intense shine. Installing this designing over vinyl siding is not recommended since it can damage the vinyl. This designing is also not recommended for use over unfinished wood, marble or granite tiles.

Cork wallpaper – Funky And Trendy!

Cork wallpapers are not just for hanging on the walls, they can be also used as accents to enhance any other rooms in the house including your bedroom and kitchen. If you are planning to decorate your house with such vibrant colors, why not go for cork wallpapers? The color of cork is so diverse that you will find it difficult to choose one out of a wide range of choices, but do remember that this type of cork wallpaper comes in two major variants i.e. natural and artificial. Natural cork wallpapers are usually more expensive than the artificial ones, which make it an ideal addition to your interior design budget.

Cork wallpaper is the latest and greatest way to incorporate a bit of the old with a dash of new! With fascinating visual counterpoint between rugged natural tones and modern sufficing elegance, York Wallpaper, Commercial Interiors Volume I by Ronald Redding designs merges the best of both manmade and natural materials in a high polished wallpaper collection just right for today’s urbane residence. This designing is made from recycled Cork wood reclaimed from the famous Cork cliffs. This revolutionary product of nature’s renewable resource is both beautiful and long lasting. Printed on a pure uniline vinyl material with non-woven substrate backing, this high durability wallpaper is easy to clean and will even repel dust and grime build-up. Installing this high quality cork wallpaper in your home will make it the envy of neighbors and everyone who sees it!

Cork Wallpaper – A Wonderful Wall Design

I can remember the days when we had a beautiful white cork wallpaper on our living room wall. It was a great big wall decor, so big in fact that you could have cut it out if you wanted to and it would still fit perfectly. The first time I saw the hideous, flaky and unattractive wallpaper I nearly started crying because it just made me so mad. And you know what?After years of using wallpaper that had been this bad, I decided enough was enough and got some cork background for my living room.

If you’re looking for a new Picture design to give your walls a face lift, try cork wallpaper. Made from the bark of cork oak trees, this natural material is very durable and attractive. Unlike most other types of picture, cork is water-resistant and has been used in the past for wall decoration as well as for flooring. A lot of people are using cork as wallpaper because of its distinct, rugged look. If you’re wondering what makes cork wallpaper so special, keep reading to find out.


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