Carnage Wallpaper – Beware the Scary Designs

Can you believe that the Massacre wallpaper is actually called carnage wallpaper? The title of this print is taken from a novel by William Leoch. The background was created by the artist who also designed the acclaimed and famous Walking Wallpaper, also known as the Battlefront series. This designing provides a number of unique features that are not commonly found in other designs. It contains the bloodied bodies of victims strewn across the background, whilst combatant vehicles are scattered throughout. For those who want to add a real touch of Hollywood to their living room, the Massacre wallpaper is the perfect choice, as it brings to life the nightmare scenario of World War 1.

Carapace of Evil is one of the best rated and liked carnage wallpaper online. It has a combination of blood, guts, gore, killing and horror. If you want to decorate your desktop or laptop with this wonderful picture then you can have it by purchasing it online at any of the websites that provide us with quality desktop wallpapers and downloads. Enjoy this awesome picture of carnage wallpaper. It will not only enhance your senses but will also make you more bold and fearless.

Car Carnage is the name of a beautiful wall paper cover, available in two tones of black and bright red that’s just what you need to turn your dull bedroom into a beautiful and inspiring space. The fantastic colours really do bring out the best in any room so whether you are after the normal bloody bodies or cartoon-style blood and gore, you can’t go wrong with this fantastic wallpaper. You can purchase it separately or as part of a larger selection of premium quality bedding called Bedlam wallpaper. Whichever you choose, you will be spoilt for choice as carnage wallpaper comes in just about every design and colour conceivable.

Can you imagine what carnage wallpaper is? It’s a gruesome art Picture design which was created by a professional 3D render artist. This sort of picture gives you a feeling of dark and evil that is truly captivating. You will surely find this 3D Picture design truly captivating and beautiful to look at. This sort of design was actually the inspiration for the concept of the Saw series of horror movies.

Cannibalism Wallpaper – Beware the Scary Designs

Cannibalism wallpaper is one of the latest Picture designs available and it’s a killer piece of artwork. The design has an all over bloodied and torn appearance, with several instruments and tools around the background. It also has plenty of bright colors that really drive home the horror of the situation, although the artwork is in a 3D perspective. With this designing, you’ll be sure to create the perfect living nightmare for anyone who gets a chance to see it.


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