A Few Facts About Calico Wallpaper

Calico wallpaper is among the Best background that you can have for your walls because of its several features it possesses. It has a smooth texture and it comes in two types, either with or without borders. The first type of this designing that can be used for your walls is the solid white wallpaper, while the other type is the semi-transparent one. Aside from these two types, there are also mixed variety of designs and textures that you can choose to apply on your walls. If you want to learn more about these wonderful wallpapers, then read below.

A History of Calico Wallpaper

Calico wallpaper started with an inspiration to go beyond the usual frame and incorporate its elements to everyday living. Over the years, the background has grown to represent not only the typical domestic scene but has been used to decorate corporate buildings and even restaurants. The use of this designing in homes began gradually until today it is widely used as a decorative technique on all types of walls. The basic concept was born from experimentation with traditional hand painted designs, the Digital enlargement of these hand-painted patterns, and the re-appropriation of more varied, contemporary art forms. Today Calico wallpaper is using to beautify not just homes but also businesses, public buildings, hotels, institutions of higher learning, hospitals, government offices, corporations and other commercial establishments.

Calico Wallpaper started with an inspiration to move photography beyond the traditional frame and includes its elements into everyday living. Over the years, the idea has been refined to create customized, non Repeating wall murals, with an emphasis on the visual art of murals rather than the photographic aspect. The resulting design concepts are not only visually pleasing but are also made to reflect their creator’s individual personality and style. This company works hard to bring its customers nothing less than a personalized wallpaper experience.

Calico wallpaper is a wall covering that appeals to many homeowners for its sleek and uncluttered look. Unlike many wall coverings, however, Calico wallpaper offers very little variety in patterns or color choices. If you’re looking for a clean, minimal look with which to contrast your current interior decor, the use of Calico may be ideal.

What Calico Wallpaper Is Not

Calico wallpaper started as an exploration of new art mediums to go beyond the standard frame and add its own elements to ordinary interior space. Over the course of time, the simple, elegant appeal of this luxurious wallpaper style has taken off into the homes of millions worldwide. In response to the need to replace dated wallpaper with more modern and dramatic designs, leading companies have created thousands of contemporary borders and other decorative pieces using high quality materials to provide consumers with a broad range of design choices. These are not your mother’s wallpaper, and neither are they reproduced art prints or mass produced stock patterns. Rather, luxury wallpaper is created by highly creative artists from leading companies dedicated to the art of picture.

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