Blue Live Wallpaper Android – Cool digital wallpaper ideas for your android Phone

Blue Live wallpaper is an awesome digital background for your android phone that has a wonderful background in the soothing blue colors. It looks great on both phones with an HD Super AMOLED display. Digital wallpapers are great because they can be resized to fit your phone perfectly. I have two screens in my phone and using wallpapers in landscape mode makes it so I do not have to change the wallpaper every time I take it out of the bag. You can also use this free wallpaper on an ipad, but you will not see as good of a quality picture.

Blue Live wallpaper is a unique wallpaper with an interesting pattern that was designed by a wallpaper artist in Canada, this background was inspired by the famous Blue Live Wireless Network. This background is a free download and has been created using vector illustrations and Photoshop. Digital wallpaper ideas for android are quite numerous and this background certainly stands out from the crowd as it was created from a photo of a Canadian moose

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