How to Choose the Good backgrounds For Profile Pictures

wallpaperWhen choosing a profile picture for your LinkedIn profile, there are a few key things to consider. First, choose the type of profile picture that reflects your personality and professional skills. If you are a speaker, you can use an image of your audience and a screen shot of your laptop or desk. If you are a writer, you could use an image of coffee beans. In addition, you can show your experience or skill level by including a close-up shot of your writing tools or your espresso machine.

When it comes to choosing the good backgrounds for your profile picture, your face is the most important part of the image. You don’t have to use a professional photograph to make your image stand out. Whether you’re a designer or a speaker, a natural shot will do the trick. The best background images for profile pictures are abstract, because it makes them stand out without looking unprofessional. Here are some examples of the type of images that you should use:


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