bendy wallpaper design ideas

Bends in wallpaper have been around for years, but they were mostly considered decorative rather than functional. The first bends in wallpaper were not decorative at all; they were simply created to hide unsightly seam lines on the backs of picture. Unfortunately, many homeowners who had bent wallpaper still had to cover these unsightly seam lines with wallpaper or paint because the home’s original wallpaper had been removed and no longer contained adhesive that would hold wallpaper in place. A new Picture design was developed with similar seam-defiant qualities but this time included holes that would allow a background holder to be attached to the wall, much like a skirt might be for skirts. Bends in wallpaper are still there but are no longer considered decorative. However, you can still use them to add an interesting look to your walls by choosing a Picture design that incorporates holes.

Have you heard of Bendy wallpaper? Have you seen free sample of it? If you have, then you might be having second thoughts whether to purchase it or not. Well, the very first thing you should think about is why do you want to buy it in the first place. If it is just for decorative purpose then buying it will not make any sense because it is just there to enhance the beauty of your house.

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