Asta Wallpaper backgrounds iPhone & Other Smartphones

Beautiful Black Clover Wallpapers

Aasta backgrounds is wonderful wallpapers, especially if you have a lot of problems with your vision. This wonderful astral wallpaper comes from the mind of artist Laura Ashley, who also happens to be an excellent painter and the founder of the beautiful Astral Projection gallery. Laura Ashley’s website is very impressive and truly showcases her talents as an artist. She even explains her entire process in great detail on her website, which you can find below, along with all of her wonderful works of art.

The new Asta backgrounds for iPhone and other Smartphone today is a modern take on the classic theme of black and white “Demon wallpapers” of the eighties. I have always loved the original black and white “Demon Wallpapers” for the chunky, dark textured and cartoonish look they had. So when I came across this beautiful, bright and full-color scheme, which is based on the same style and coloring of the original black and white “Demon wallpapers”, I knew I had found the perfect home for my new iPhone!


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