Apple Watch Series 5 wallpaper – How to Get a New Face For Your Apple Watch

iFixit is known for its teardown videos and wallpapers, and they’ve recently shared some of their favorite Apple Watch series 5 wallpapers. This time around, we have a collection of X-ray and internal Apple Watch photos. Whether you’re looking to change your Apple Watch’s wallpaper, or you just want to change your iPhone’s wallpaper, these images will do the trick. Using an Apple Watch, you can make any image your watch’s home screen displays into your personal, customized Apple Watch.

If you’ve been wishing to change your Apple Watch’s wallpaper, you’re in luck. Giphy is a popular GIF app that can help you achieve this. To save GIFs as Live Photos, just go to the “Edit” button on the top right corner. In the next step, you must save the saved Live Photo to the Photos app. Once the GIF has been saved, you can install it by saving the file to your iPhone.


The apple watch series 5 comes with a new watch face, and you can download it right from your smartphone. To get your brand-new Apple Watch with a new face, follow these easy steps: First, open your iPhone’s Photos app. Select the Apple Watch Series 5 and select the “Create Watch Face” option. To download your new watch face, go to the “Settings” app, then tap “Create Watch Facial” (the bottom right corner will have a ‘Create Watch Face’) menu. From there, you can select a favorited photo.


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