Analog Clock Background for Mobile – Stunning Picture design Ideas

Analog clock background for mobile is an excellent way to change the look of your mobile device. The live wallpaper is battery-friendly and lets you know the time all the time. The app has 10 built-in clockfaces and supports download of additional ones as plugins. There are also several different second-arrow modes, such as ticks and flowing, which mimic the appearance of real-life clocks. The app is only available in the PRO version.

This application can serve as a mobile wallpaper and a live clock for your device. It features more than 10 built-in clockfaces, but you can also download more clockfaces as plugins. This app is designed to be battery-friendly and offers users a variety of settings, including the ability to change the size of the clock, adjust the number of hands and second hand, and even change the time, date, and battery percentage. Some of its features are available in the free version while others require a premium or PRO version.


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