9 wallpaper

Apple’s fifth developer beta version of iOS 9 has a new collection of colorful and Retina-showcasing wallpapers. Before a product goes public, Apple generally settles on a new wallpaper, which is available for download from the Download Gallery. This time, the new design features a dazzling cloud pattern. The iPhone 7 and 8 have a different wallpaper, but they’re still pretty spectacular. The Mobile Cloud 9 collection has a similar look and can be used on a laptop, iPhone, or Android phone.

OnePlus’s minimalist wallpapers were first available on its OnePlus 8T and are similar to Samsung’s. However, the OnePlus 9 is a bit different. The colors are not as saturated as Samsung’s, so they might fit some smartphones better than others. OnePlus is known for its clean designs, and its wallpapers reflect this in a playful way. These are also suitable for rooms that are not too bright. These colors are still in fashion, but you might find that the OnePlus 9 fits your tastes better.


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