9 Koi Fish Background for Your Phone

Wallpaper The Japanese have long been fascinated with the koi fish, a type of Japanese delicacy. A pair of koi in a red water is a symbol of true love, while the white ones are said to bring prosperity. In Japan, a red spotted koi means success, while a white spotted sand fish represents the progress of a person’s career. The perfect balance between family life, career, and personal life is a result of a Kohaku koi painting.

A beautiful 9 koi fish background for your phone will enhance the aesthetics of your device. These paintings are very popular in Japan and are symbols of good fortune, love and friendship. The red koi is the symbol of true love while the white one is a symbol of prosperity and success. The two fish in the middle are said to neutralize the evil influence and bring good luck. The three koi fish at the bottom of the painting represent fertility, wealth and love. A pair of gold plated sashimi is also symbolic of success in civil service examination or promotion.


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